Megan E. Risk

Megan has been drawing as far back as she can remember, being told that everything she did was incredibly detailed and imaginative. Even with this encouragement, she didn’t feel like she showed any real technical skill until high school. It wasn’t until she was 23 when she sold her first commission and realized she could do what she loved for a living. “I wasn’t swimming in coins or anything, but it was pretty amazing…scary and difficult, but incredibly rewarding.”

She works in the traditional mediums; graphite, colored pencils, pressed pastel, etc. Her two current favorites though are ink and watercolor. She has expanded from there and has dabbled in the digital world, mixing it with the traditional mediums. One only needs to view her “Flash” to see what she can do.

While she started working in portraits and landscapes, an area she still loves to explore, she has also moved to the realms of horror, supernatural, fantasy, and superhero. Working in these genres, she is able to take what she has learned classically, and twist it into something gruesome and amazing.

She recently took the leap and joined the Comic Boards Ink team, so you have a pretty good shot at seeing her at a convention near you.



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