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One of the things we want to do at Comic Boards Ink, is provide you access to amazing creators. And vice versa, getting the creators the chance to meet you amazing fans! Our main method of doing so is by traveling from convention to convention, allowing you the opportunity to get in touch will these awesome folks. Some folks still don't have the chance to travel to these conventions, so we wanted a one-stop-shop for you and the artists. Take a look at all of the artists that Comic Boards Ink works with, and some of the artists might even be offering commissions or prints for sale in their section of the site.

Round One...Fight!

Versus Concept Animated GIF

We are incredibly proud to announce our Versus concept. Our goal is to allow you to create your own experience with our art. Two Kaiju from various fandoms, pitted against each other by you! On the right, you can have Ultraman and fighting him to the left, Godzilla…both classic or modern. The choice is yours. The time is now. Fight!


We work directly with the artists you love to get you that unique piece of art you have been searching for.

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